Hi Jeremy,

Hi Jeremy,
Just wanted to share a birthday pic with you of our Parker. She is the sweetest and most lovable dog. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her happy little smile and big personality.
Do you know if any of the other dogs in the litter that are looking to get together for a play date? I'd love to see her play with her litter mates if you know of anyone.

Hi Jeremy,
Hope is all well with you and Jean and all the rest, including the furry ones. Ghillie is doing great, still a vessel of puppy energy. We had him neutered back in May 2016 (invoice attached) but just getting around to following up with this notification to you. Hopefully this is all you require to send his papers our way. Let me know if you need anything else.
Mark and Christine Cahill

Hi Jeremy,
Hope this finds you well. Bella is doing great. Vet trip today for vaccinations and a good checkup. She's up to 37 pounds and lean and strong. I've attached a picture for you to see. It's very casual, but hopefully you'll get the idea.

Hello there, Jeremy,
We thought we would send you a picture of Gus on his second birthday. He is all grown up and doing well, and we are very proud of him.
Cheers from Corner Brook Newfoundland,
Mark and Emma

Hi Jeremy,
I just wanted to share this picture of our Parker with you. She went to the vet for her 12 week vaccinations and came back home looking smart with a Halloween bandana.
She's been such a joy to have, and we just adore her. She's in puppy classes and is well socialized. From the moment we brought her home she has had no problems with meeting anyone new. She has no fear of other people or dogs, and would love to play with our cats if the cats had any interest (we're working on that!).
Just wanted you to know she's doing well and how happy we are with our Barbet puppy.
Thanks again,

Hi Jean, Jeremy,
Just wanted to let you know how Bruno is doing. He is fitting in so quickly. Cooper isn't at all put out and has been playing with him. Even the cats are very accepting. He slept great all night snuggled in with Cooper on our bed. I tried the kennel but he was having nothing to do with it. He's a sweet little guy, so happy to have him! Thanks again!

Hi Jeremy,
Lord Mountbatten, from Sept Isles, QC, (Monty) is growing by leaps and bounds. Healthy, all needles given, been to groomers where they all fell in love with him. He has tripled in size, will be like his daddy Hunter, has beautiful expressive eyes. We have been to 3 training classes, I am the one in need of training. He copies his sister-from-another-mother Powder, a white Angora-type cat. He has been taught by her to run after birds, crouches down and wiggles his bum, just like her. They get along so well and even when he is on top of her, she will just slap him... she is very patient with him and has never clawed him, but the day may come, yet... lol. He tried to climb a tree like her but as we know that did not work.
He is not a barker, only when someone is at door. and then it's just 2 barks. He is socialized with babies, young people and more important other dogs. His first friends are Molly, a white huge Samoyed, and an English bulldog named Betsy. Our trainer does not believe in harsh training, hand signals and clicker with loads of dry liver treats (Monty loves them).
He is loved, taken good care off and more important, a part of our family of 3. If we visit next summer, which we plan on doing, we will bring him and you will be able to see for yourself. I will let you know ahead of time. Depending on his weight, the vet will operate to sterilize by Xmas.
Have a great day,
Diane & Bruce, Powder & Monty

Hi Jean/Jeremy,
The first two days of school were easier on Sprouts than Bethany because Dale was home. I did take her to the school to get her and she ran as fast as she could. Today, no one was home with her and she was excited to get out of her crate and run around. Normally she just does her thing because someone is always home. Sprouts has claimed one of Bethany's blankets and a place on her floor to sleep but somehow manages to get into her bed by morning. She listens well to Bethany but not to the rest of us so I am going to work on that after work before Bethany gets home. Sprouts is a hoarder and a thief stealing everyone's things and hiding them under the deck. But, we couldn't ask for a better and friendlier companion. In have told Dale that I wouldn't think twice about getting another one after Pickles has passed away. I have started a new saving account for just that!
Until next time,

Good Morning Jean and Jer,
Just wanted to share a few pictures of the pup with you. My sister took them on the weekend of her at the wharf with the kids. She barks at them every time they jump. I know she would love to jump too but not yet.
Bethany and Sprouts have become fast friends and are inseparable. Not sure how things will pan out next week with the beginning of school. Sprouts has learned that she always comes back but the crying in the house might cause a flood!!! Bethany already has her sitting, coming, walking on her leash, running short distances with leash, and about four times getting her ball and bring it back. Sometimes she will even stay (for a few seconds). Next time they play soccer I will try to remember to tape it for you. It is super cute the way Sprouts attacks her soccer ball to play with.
Until next time...

Hi Jeremy,
Puppy is doing great!! She is soooo loved!!!! She just perfected the stairs. Hardly any accidents. She will sit, stay and come a lot of the time. She sleeps most nights with the kids, so they are thrilled. We did decide to call her Febe. We spelled it Phoebe just to differentiate. I hope Mommy Febe and her sisters and brother are also doing great.
Thank you so much,

Hi Jean and Jeremy,
I thought I would share my favourite photo of Macey when she was 8 weeks old - you can actually see her face and her green eyes!
I also added a picture of her when we were coming home from PEI on Dec 28th. The laundry basket worked really well.

Hi Jean and Jeremy,
We have had Macey to the vet and she is perfectly healthy and not over weight, just a very healthy and active pup. Macey has been able to climb the stairs, jump on the couch and even managed to spring all the way up on the bed!
These dogs are extremely smart and train and learn quickly; we are so glad to have her as part of our family.

Hi Jeremy,
All is well here with Ghillie. He is in a puppy class with his sister, Ivy. He has been to the vet and all is well. He is doing well on walks and with most things, but he still won't go up or down stairs to the second floor. I'm OK with that, because I don't need to use the gate yet.
Hope all is well with you.
Christine, Mark & Ghillie

Hello Jeremy and Jean,
I hope you are well? We are doing very well. Sorry for the delay getting to you but we've had a busy schedule.
Our Beautiful Jocker is fine and he is already 44 lbs and he is not far from his expected 23 inches.
We've completed a first course in obedience and agility. On November 23, 2014, he also participated in the bush hunt where he finished first out of 12 puppies, succeeding in 6 seconds - the second place puppy took 12 sec. His appointment for neutering is scheduled for January 21, 2015.
He's a wonderful dog, and is doing very well with the kids. We are very happy to have him in our family and I thank you very much for allowing us to experience this happiness.
P.S. I wonder how much Febe and Hunter weigh. I can see their size, but their weight intrigues me. I'm watching Jocker as he grows and I believe he will not be small. A big thank you again and Happy New Year 2015 to you and your family.
Jacinthe & Martin

Hi Jeremy and Jean,
Cooper is doing fantastic. He is the sweetest dog, such a great temperment! It took a while for our older dog to accept him but they are best buds now.

Dear Jeremy & Jean,
Happy New Year - I hope you enjoyed the holidays! I wanted to send a quick email just to tell you how great our Bronte is doing!! Last you heard from us, we were struggling with separation anxiety. Now, we leave her several times a week for 1-2 hours and while she would prefer us to be home, she tolerates being crated for that time. She likes to pull at the sheet I have over the crate - she is very busy while we are away, often the sheet is in tatters and mostly pulled into the crate. But she doesn't swallow any pieces and it gives her something to do to relieve the stress so I just keep replacing the sheets. I am hoping that eventually she will learn to just settle down and nap, but right now she won't nap unless we are home with her, no matter how tired she is. Our vet, has been a great help offering guidance to help her become more comfortable while we aren't home.
She has completed Family Companion obedience classes at Bob Ottenbrite's Lietash academy. I could not believe how quickly she learned commands!! And while she likes treat rewards, much of the time we could tell she obeys simply because she knows it makes us happy.
She runs at least once a day in a large fenced soccer field in our neighbourhood. I love seeing her play off leash with no restrictions at all. Still very much a puppy in how joyfully she bounds around with a ball or a stick.
Her favorite thing is meeting people and dogs, she is very social. She goes to a dog daycare while I'm at work and the owner says Bronte wants to be friends with absolutely every dog and person who comes in.
We had her spayed on Dec 23rd - her recovery went very smoothly. Because of the holidays we were able to stay home with her and keep her from licking at her stitches. She didn't like being on leash for the first week, and was so excited her first time back into the field off leash! She took off running for a few laps to wear off some of the pent up energy.
She has definitely become an integral part of our family, we all love her so much and I think she's quite happy with us too! She is everything a Barbet is supposed to be - loving, gentle, friendly, companionable, quick learner...She's even made friends with our grumpy, solitary cat who used to swipe his claws at dogs who got near. Rupert the cat now rubs his head against Bronte and hasn't once tried to bite or scratch her.
Wish you all the best in 2015, I am looking forward to seeing whether there will be any Barbet puppies this year. If you or Jeremy are coming to Halifax, I would love to meet up with you briefly so you can see Bronte - just let me know and I could meet you wherever it's most convenient.
Andrea E.

Hi Jeremy,
Brooke is doing great. She fit right in with our family; the kids love her and she is such a good girl. Thanks again for such a great puppy :)

Hello Jean and Jeremy,
A quick note to give you news of Jocker. The trip was very well passed. The first night was a bit more difficult but everything is back to normal on the second night. We love him very much and I think he also likes us. We begin agility classes in late September and training classes in mid-September.
I'll send some pictures and you will see his girlfriend. Ann-Mex is a royal poodle owned by friends, there are only 21 days difference in their age.
Have a nice evening,

Hello Jean and Jeremy,
Hope you and everyone is doing great these days. Can't believe January is already over! Charlie is doing awesome and we are so proud of him. He still goes to puppy class and is doing much better. We bring him to an off-leash dog park and we have trained him to come on command and he could be playing with a bunch of puppies, we say "Charlie HERE" and he comes running.
I attached a few photos of Charlie. He ABSOLUTELY loves the snow and outdoors. He never wants to come in! The other photo is his graduation class photo! He was there with 5 Bermese Mountain Dogs!

Hi Jean and Jeremy,
We thought we should send along an email to update you on Balou. Since November, he's really become a member of the family. He's grown fast! He weighed just over 30 pounds at his 16 week appointment. We're doing our best to get out for daily walks and he's been doing a great job on the leash. He's such a clever dog and a fast learner! We've taught him sit, down, shake a paw, give five, and most recently come, stay, and look. Last week, we took him to puppy class for the first time. He loved running around with the other puppies and meeting all kinds of new people. It's become a highlight of the week for the whole family!
Thanks so much and all the best to both of you!
Megan, Philip, Trinity & Gabriel Smith

Thanks so much for the response. I will let you know ASAP about my friend's interest in a puppy. I agree with you about having the pups in the late Winter or Spring. It's even tough here raising Taffy - this has been an unusually brutal winter here. She LOVES being outside in the cold, snow, or whatever. It's OUR tolerance for being outside that's being tested!! Would have been much easier with her in the summer.
She is a GREAT dog. Smart, loving, and does not leave my side - Angie calls her my dog. She always tries to please with just a hint of mischief. At four months she weighs 30 lbs.
One last note - we've changed her food from Royal Canin to Grandma Mae's. She was doing fine on the Royal Canin, but my research led me to want to feed her a food that was grain free and a little more affordable. She eats less of it with less waste as well.

Raffi writes:
Well, another week has gone by and I will be 12 weeks old tomorrow (Monday, December 16, 2013). I am having very few accidents on the floor and I have trained John and Linda about getting me out by barking and sitting at the back door. I love the cold, the snow and anything else that the weather has to offer.
On leash I will go about 3 houses up the street, but that is far enough. I seem to be getting lots of new toys, eating lots of Royal Canin Puppy Chow (1 cup now, three times per day). I will have a round of shots this week, and I have a few probiotics mixed in with my food for another couple of weeks. I will be having a preliminary grooming on December 30th and that will ensure that I can see out of my eyes.
Adjusting well to life in Riverview and enjoying the first real snowstorm here this year. I plough through it with my nose, and like staying out in the snow.

Good morning Jean and Jeremy, I thought I would drop you a line and fill you in on Taffy's week... Our vet visit on Monday went well; they all adore her and she's all booked in ready for her next lot of shots...
If you could see Taffy now you would think she has been around us for months or longer. Taffy has settled in so well, she now barks to go out at the door, loves running around the property, she lays on your feet if someone is settled down in a chair/sofa. Plays independently with her toys, but doesn't like to be in a room alone, I have only left her home alone once and that didn't go too well; I could hear her crying. She was in her crate. Going to try leaving her for short times every day ready for when I go back to work.
She seems to know the bedtime routine; up stairs at night she sits by her crate when I turn off the hall lights. she gets into her crate, (while I am saying to her, bedtime). Awake around 7ish, depending on how busy our day was before...
I must say Taffy is delightful to have around. Yesterday she was introduced to Luna, the family Jack Russell. Luna is 4 yrs old, and they played wonderfully together, though Luna did wear her out.
Today we are taking a trip to New Jersey to see my daughter Rhiannon and Charlie, our other little dog (a Bichon), again 4 yrs old. I call him the beach bum as he loves being on the beach, riding in his basket on Rhiannon's bicycle. I will give you an update on Charlie and Taffy's meeting.
Angie, Alan and Taffy

Hello Jean and Jeremy, Just wanted to send both of you a quick update on Charlie's first night in his new home. Jennifer and I are simply amazed on how well he has been doing. He follows us everywhere and is always so attentive to our words and gestures even when we know he is likely just trying to figure out what this all means. :-)
He was put in his crate yesterday afternoon for a few minutes for him to get used to it. He cried for about 1 minute and it was pretty much quiet after that. He was in his crate all night. We put him out to pee at 11pm and he stayed in his crate until 6am without any issues. He was so quiet through the night that Jenn asked me to check on him if he was still breathing! Just amazed how comfortable and quiet this boy is for a first night in his forever home.
Hope everyone is doing fine, and safe travels to St. Stephen.
Dan & Jenn

Felipe Barbet



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