Hi Jean,
Rico has his vet appointment today. He's such a good boy. He's starting to go on the potty-patch by himself and even asked to go outside (with the help of the bell). He LOVES to cuddle and is not afraid of anything except big noise. He and Toby get along great - just like brothers and best friends.
God bless,

Hi Jean!
Yes, it must be a big change for you without all the puppies. I'm sure you could use a bit of a break too though! We all made it through the night. Minnie slept from about 10:30 to 6:45 am before we heard any peeps! I was awake a lot just with my mom ears open but she was great and slept well. High energy morning and lots of play time, going to have to watch the little rascal as she started to get a bit more chewy but also she seems much more comfortable which is a good sign too!
We found a little teething toy she loves so we are using that to distract when she starts to chew things she shouldn't. She was also just too cute this morning when we came out to greet her! Everyone is doing well so far.
Kathleen and Peter

Hi Jean,
I hope this email finds you well. I am sending a couple of pics of Mookie enjoying the sunshine in the front room and fresh after his bath on his favourite chair. He is such a great puppy and everyone loves him. He looks like a little teddy bear!
Just a quick note to ask about the changeover to adult food. We have kept him on the Fromm puppy gold since you started him out with it and we are wondering if now is the time to switch to high quality adult food? He has lost most of his baby teeth and we find that he is gobbling his little kibble quickly without taking the time to chew....thinking it may be time to switch.
Hope all of your puppies are doing as well as Mookie is....
Talk soon,
Wendy and Ian

Good morning, Jean,
Henry seems to be fitting in well! He has used the pee pad in the house when I haven't caught him but otherwise gone outside! Last night he barked at the door to go out to poo, that was exciting. We are setting up a bell today. He slept through the night last night, I just had to be in the same room as him.
We are definitely in love!

Hi Jean,
Well, it's been a full week since we got our little angel. From the first night she has been with us she has slept all night, only had one mistake in the house, and she is eating and drinking just fine. I just can't believe how well she has settled in here. Lilly is such a joy to watch. She loves to runs as fast as she can to collect all her toys to hide them under the coffee table, LOL.
Just wanted to give you a quick update, and to let you know Lilly is doing just fine. Hope all is well with you.
Thank you again for our perfect puppy,

Hi Jean,
Just thought we would send a quick pic of Mookie after his first "buff and fluff". He is looking rather dapper, I must say!
He has been a wonderful puppy right from the day we picked him up. He has learned to use the bell to go outside and uses it whether he wants to go out to do his business or just if he wants to go chase leaves! But whenever he rings it, we ensure he goes out so that he knows that is what it means. He is enrolled in puppy school and is a quick study. He is a great traveler in the car (I guess taking the poor fella on the plane right away got him thinking that a car is nothing! Lol).
He knows when it is time for bed, he goes into his crate by himself and has slept through the night since the first night. And yesterday, he mastered the stairs in the house, both up and down...so now he can go all over the house and explore.
We are so pleased with him and he has stolen the hearts of everyone he meets. We had a man pull over in a truck while we were out walking just to say hello.
Hope all is well with you and that you are getting puppy updates from everyone.
Talk soon,
Wendy and Ian

Hi Jean,
We have been thoroughly enjoying our little Mookie.
He did not much care for the plane and whined quite loudly at takeoff but settled in with only a few desperate wails throughout the 20 minute flight. Once in the airport, we opened his travel crate while we waited in the departure area for the next flight and he poked his head out and simply laid down with only his head and front paws out and the rest of his body inside. Once on the second flight, it was the same - some loud wails and some scratching to get out at takeoff but then settled in. Luckily it was only about 40 minutes.
At home he is doing well exploring the new house and new yard, although he has not yet learned how to do stairs (we have a 4 level split) but I am sure that will come.
He is doing his business outside and only had a couple of accidents in the house.
He was nervous of the bell starting out but is getting used to the sound. It is funny to watch his reactions to the different sounds and experiences. He had his vet appointment and Dave was so happy that we were back with a puppy (he was with us with our Casey) and was so pleased to know he was one of yours. He says Hi!
Mookie had his vaccine, his last deworming and his weight is now 7lb 14oz.
He has stolen the hearts of all who have met him and loves nothing more than to be a snuggler. We are going to have to work hard not to spoil him too much.
Talk soon,
Wendy and Ian

Hi Jean,
He walked in and took over!!! He now runs the place! He even tried to help me do report cards but he fell asleep.
He is a love. I have a few questions for you. How do you trim his nails? I've never had a dog whose nails were black. You can't see the quick... I assume you just nip off the little points on them a tiny bit at a time and walking keeps them from becoming too sharp when he is a bit older and the weather is much better.
What shot does he need next week? Is it in my booklet or is it on file with Dr Jody?
He is Mr Charmer so just for fun I looked up dog shows. There is one in Kensington in the summer. I don't know how they work but it might be fun to do it once and see. Do I have you blessing to advertise for you and tell everyone where I got him?
I think that's all the questions for now!

Hi Jean,
I wanted to give you a little update on how Nova is doing. I can't believe she's been with us 3 weeks already. She is truly part of the family. We all absolutely adore her. She is doing so well with her house training; eating and sleeping well at night. She is a happy girl who loves to fetch and run as fast as she can outside. We have been on many adventures together already, here are a few pictures of her now.
Take care,

Hi Jean,
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Leo. He's energetic and so funny! He's a real clown.
I know I have told you this before, but he is an amazing dog. He is completely housebroken now. He's still very affectionate and loves being with his family. He has never once growled, and there isn't a mean bone in his body. Everyone who comes into contact with him cannot believe his temperament. He has been groomed twice, and the groomer is amazed by him. She said he has an amazing coat.
We are getting him neutered in May.
Anyway, just a little update to let you know that all is well. Lauren loves taking him for walks and he loves meeting new people. We can't thank you enough for him.
We would love for you to see him when we are back in PEI this summer. I hope all is well with you and Rhett.

Hi Jean,
I've been meaning to send you an update on Bear. He turned one, last July. It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone! He is a wonderful, sweet little guy and has developed quite the personality (complete with a little devilish streak!). It is amazing how smart he is... always ready to learn! I'm sending along a couple of pictures - one from his birthday and another Christmas photo from this year.
Hope all is well with you and your family,

Alyx is doing really well, she sat by the door for me to let her outside this morning to go pee. She loves the snow now that the wind has gone - we have a little coat for her, too. I think I might have to start putting her harness and leash on her, as she likes to wander, and she's a fast little mover! She has definitely become the little princess of the house. She is a beautiful and fun puppy.

Hi Jean,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on how Nova is doing. She seemed to enjoy the ride home. She was curious and looking around quite a bit. When we got home she had a pee outside. She seemed a bit nervous when she came in the house but I took out her things and put them in her puppy play pen and she quickly came out of her shell. She did not eat much lunch or dinner but that may be due to her nerves and a new situation. After she did eat however she had a BM and pee.
Nova has been playing with her toys and napping often but overall she has had a great afternoon and evening. We have all fallen in love with her already. She is a wonderful cuddler, she has taken turns cuddling with all of us, haha, she fits in perfectly in our home. Thank you again for such a wonderful and content puppy. I will let you know how she is doing later on in the week.
Take care,

Hello Jean,
It has been a very long time since I wrote to tell you about Ruby-D. Well, she has turned two years old. Seems just like yesterday that we went to the Island to pick her up. She is very healthy and full of energy. She is our darling.
She is full-grown now and she may be overweight. We will find out after her next appointment. She sits and sleeps on top of my desk most of the time. I believe I am her master. She still goes to bed with her dolly and her blanket. She still has an eating problem... she doesn't like doggie food. We have tried every brand and every way to make it appealing to her. It is a hit and miss situation but she isn't going hungry. Her favorite outing is at the Point-du-Chein Wharf in Shediac. It is a year-round outing. Don't ever worry about her. She is loved more than you will ever know.
Thank you for listening,

Hi Jean,
Pepper had a great time at PAWD in the Park today. She met all kinds of other dogs and had her photo taken by many of the two-legged creatures that the dogs brought to the event.
She walked all the way over to Memorial Field in Victoria Park from our house at the corner of Richmond and Hillsborough (Hillsborough Square, near the Notre Dame Convent) and back again! She's learned to stop and sit at street corners and to sit and give us a good look in the eye before she gets her food.
We love her.

Good morning, Jean,
Things are going well. Archie is alert, curious, and has endeared himself to the hearts of our family and next door neighbours. He stays close, is very playful, but calms quickly. Truly delightful. Eating and drinking well. Other end works well, too!
He settled in his crate after about 5 minutes, slept until 4am, out for a pee, then back to the crate for 3 more hours.
He seems like a happy, bright and well-adjusted puppy, and we have you, and his other "genes" to thank for that.
We will keep in touch.

Cooper is very patient. He really loves his Maddy and is enjoying having a playmate. They both throw their paws out to initiate play and play to the point of exhaustion, requiring a nap. I could just sit and watch them all day. Cooper steals toys but Maddy quickly retrieves what she wants. Cooper either relents or a tug of war ensues. Cooper is very gentle. It is amazing that they just know to do that. Maddy may be small but she is mighty; she can outrun Cooper already.
Maddy saw our Vet today; she is a little over 4 lbs and is in perfect health. She is so beautiful. Cooper and I could not love her more.
I hope you and Rett had a great trip and you were able to enjoy yourself. Take care Jean, and keep in touch.
Cooper, Maddy and Trudy

Hi Jean,
Nice meeting you and Everett yesterday.
Linus had a bit of an upset stomach on the drive home. Once he spit up he was fine. But quite uncertain about all the changes. He slept most of the ride.
Once home, he immediately enjoyed a pee and a run in the backyard. He then played and ate a good meal. Then out for a pee and poop (Yeah. Good boy...). He slept in his crate all night, along with his blanket. Except for a few whimpers initially, he slept like a baby from 10 until 7. Then up and out for a pee and poop and a good run around the backyard and then in for breakfast followed by playtime with his toys and now he's having a little snooze.
He's such a sweet puppy. So easy-going and he appears game to try anything. He's off to see my mom today.
Thanks so much for all the love you have given to Linus. Our hearts are full of love for this amazing puppy.
Will be in touch as his adventures continue.

Hi Jean,
Wanted to send you a note to let you know how Louie is getting along and thank you again for this sweet little puppy. He has become such a nice addition to our household.
Your puppy book is wonderful - lots of great information in there. Louie was not very hungry the first day or two but is eating more now. It was nice to read that that was normal :). He is still getting used to his crate, but has been sleeping pretty well.
Anyway - thanks again! We couldn't be more pleased.

Hi Jean,
Just checking in. This boy is absolutely lovely. He's much more alert in the day, and loves to play. At night time he loves to snuggle, and goes in his crate to sleep until 7 am without a hitch! He is also eating SO much better. He fits in to our family like a gem. All is good.

Hi Jean,
Sorry to have not updated in a while. It's been very busy here!
Pepper has settled in very well. She has definitely bonded with us as a family. Her house training is going quite well and she has slept through the night most nights in her crate in our bedroom with a hot water bottle, ticking clock, and her bunny. BTW, she now has more toys than any dog we've ever had...
She is gaining weight and growing rapidly. She knows to sit and look at us in the eye before her bowl goes down and is learning to sit at each street corner when we go for a walk. She has made several doggy friends and loves to do zoomies around the garden. She comes when we call "Pepper, Come!" and loves to chase her ball down the hallway. Today she walked around Hillsborough Square early in the morning and then all the way to Peake's Quay. I'm very impressed with her on the leash. She just follows along amicably.
Thank you for getting her used to clippers and nail trimmers. She is so good with it all. I did her feet last Friday and she was very relaxed about it all. I groom her each evening--only takes 10 minutes including teeth.
Our only problem is that it takes SO LONG to walk her. People and cars stop to come say hello!
Will send photos soon.
BTW, she has a squeaky squirrel that she loves.

Hi Jean,
Georgia had a quiet ride home yesterday. She was able to sleep through the thunder and lightning storm overnight and woke to a playful morning. She is settling in well!

Hi Jean,
Allie was great last night and all day today. He is eating all his food as soon as we give it to him and going outside to pee and poop every time. He hasn't had an accident yet. I got up at 4:20 this morning with him and took him outside. He likes to sleep a lot. Everytime he plays for a little bit, he heads for his bed and just stares at us.

Hi Jean,
Pepper had a great night - 10pm to 7am, without a peep. Eating, peeing, and pooping well. She is a delight!
After lunch and a play, we went outdoors with the pee pad into our side yard (gravel). She sniffed at the pee pad quite intently, then had a poop and a pee in the gravel! She enjoyed the garden very much and is very bouncy and playful.
BTW, Pepper has found her voice. She gives a sharp little bark when she wants to get our attention. Trying hard not to respond! She is also going to her bed quite willingly and sleeping soundly.

Hi Jean,
I just can't get over how well-adjusted they are. Both of mine have been the same so I know it is because of all your hard work, love and passion. When I got Maddy home, I left her in her crate on the floor in the living room with the door open. Cooper was interested, kept looking in the crate. She kept poking her nose out and then a foot, etc. That went on for 30 minutes, then she sauntered out tail held high. The evening was quiet. She and Cooper played a bit, etc. We went to bed at 12:00; not a peep, she and Cooper in crates side by side. Although I awoke several times, Maddy did not.
We got up at 7:45; dry crate. Everybody went outside; she peed and pooped (normal stool); raced around the back yard. She seemed to love it outside. Had her breakfast and is now sound asleep on her back on my lap while Cooper checks out new toys that appeared when Maddy arrived. She is just perfect.
I know I sound like an old record but thank you so much for all that you do. You are awesome!! Enjoy your time away and please if you feel it is appropriate make sure I am on your list when you choose to have your final litter. I was prepared to care for 3 now, assuming Luke would be with us, and I am just as prepared to add a third baby.
Take care,
Trudy, Cooper and Maddy

Hi Jean,
We put Chloe in her kennel at 10:30 PM and didn't hear a sound until 7 AM - and no messes :-) She did a poo 'n pee outdoors, as well, this morning. Great girl for a young puppy.

Ruby is the best thing ever. She has made our family so happy and complete.
Thank you!

Hi Jean,
So nice to hear from you on Harvey's birthday. We can't believe he is 1 already. Yet at the same time it feels like he has been with us forever. He is such a great little guy.
We are so grateful that you raised such a great puppy and allowed him to enter our lives. He is so much fun to have around. Everyone we meet falls in love with him (even people that usually don't like dogs). They can't get over how quiet he is. He usually only barks when someone comes to the door or if he really wants your attention. He is so great with our kids and also likes most other dogs. He is also very smart. We couldn't be happier with him.
Thanks so much,
Sarah & Martin and family

Hi Jean,
I am so grateful for the love you have for your puppies. You are a very special lady to us. I often mention your name to Cooper and we look at videos. I totally believe that he knows who I am talking about and that he remembers all of the love you gave him. You have played a big role in what a beautiful boy he is today; all of that early contact. We love hearing from you just as much.
Cooper is quite a bit lighter but it is a beautiful color; very little white, mostly cream to honey. He is gorgeous and I really think he is going to have that light layer over his back like Baleigh. Cooper is a very good boy to be groomed and has a beautiful thick coat as you predicted. He is awesome Jean.
Keep in touch when you are able. Hopefully our cold snap is over. Talk soon. Say hi to Rett.

Hi Jean,
Just wanted to wish you a happy new year and let you know what a wonderful addition Harvey has been to our family. He is a great little fellow and we are all enjoying him immensely. He is so smart and rarely barks.
He was groomed before Christmas and the groomer commented on what a sweet little dog he is. He has an appointment to be neutered next week so hopefully that goes smoothly.
He loves the snow and also loved Christmas. I will email you a picture of him with the kids at Christmas.
Thank you so much,

Good evening Jean,
A little update on Roxy's trip and new home.
She did well on the trip. She wasn't sick at all. Quite nervous and did not like the vehicle going over seperations in the roads ie. going from road to bridge etc... She did spend half of the almost 3.5 hrs trip in my arms. The rest in her kennel trying to sleep but those road seperations would jerk her awake. Very minimal whining though. We did 3-4 stops with pee breaks and stretching legs.
Once we arrived home, she was happy to see us setting up a play yard for her. She spent some time in there along with exploring the main room of our house. We gave her 1/3 cup of food when we arrived home and she ate it all very quickly. She had a few trips outside. At first she did not move around much but the last time I took her out she was quite playful, running around and pulling the grass out. Once we were back inside, I sat down on the floor and let her explore. That lasted maybe 5 minutes. She then proceeded to crawl her way on to my chest and promptly fell asleep. After a while I transfered her to her kennel and she has been sleeping there ever since with no beeps. It was quite a busy day.
She seems to be doing well and I believe will adapt very well.

Hi Jean,
Just sending you an update on Bear.
It started out pretty rough - he cried all the way to the pet store - the poor little guy... it was so sad. He stopped as soon as he went in the store though and started catching everyone's attention - he is quite the little charmer and wanted to meet everyone he saw all day. He was even walking very well on his leash - he is very good at "come" already!
He seems to know to avoid Teakka (cat), he is just watching her, he won't go closer than about two feet unless he is right beside me.
He had an amazing first night! We put him in his kennel in Mom's room and put a CD on and a night light and never heard a peep out of him all night - she actually had to wake him up to go have a pee and then he went right back to sleep!
He is a dear little guy (such a sweet personality) - he seems to have moved right in!
Thanks so much - I'll send you another update later on and we'd be happy to take him for a visit anytime you want!

Hi Jean,
Glad to hear you are finally getting a bit of a break. It is well deserved. The beach is such a peaceful place.
Thank you for your information; I really appreciate you taking the time.
Yesterday was a very busy day for Cooper. We met Dr. Mokler for the first time and as you indicated she is lovely and definitely the kind of vet I was looking for. Cooper is 5.8 lbs and very healthy. She made a big fuss over him and he rewarded her attention with lots of kisses. She commented on how relaxed he is and we discussed what a fabulous breeder you are. I feel so lucky.
We met Fay last evening. He was very reluctant to come out of his kennel but when he did it was with his tail up. She gave me a bunch of commands to practice with him and we are returning next Tuesday to see how I am doing. He growled at the puppy in the mirrors. Fay told me he was her pick of that litter. He is an awesome little boy and let me just tell you when I play your videos he stops what he is doing. He recognizes your voice.
Sorry for long spiel but I could talk about him all day and it is so enjoyable to share with you because I know you love him too. He and Luke are doing well. He does test Luke's patience sometimes but I keep reminding Luke that he used to do the same thing to Jasper. When Cooper is resting, Luke often lays beside him.
Wishing you only good things. E-mail anytime. We love to hear from you. Say hi to Rett and know that these 2 boys mean everything to me.

Hi Jean,
Cooper is doing great. I love him so much. I went back to work on Wednesday but have been coming home at lunch. Twice he has peed on his pad otherwise he has been dry. He sits to get his collar on and off to go out. He has only been up once each night and has never had a mistake in his crate overnight. He is more content in his pen now, but prefers that I be in sight. Cooper and Luke are doing well. Luke has put him in his place a couple of times but is mostly very patient. Cooper and I are meeting for puppy socialization next Tuesday evening. We enjoy lots of play time. He gets a little brushing each day and his teeth brushed at bedtime.
How are things going for you? I think I remember that Cooper's last 2 littermates go to their new homes tomorrow.
Talk soon. Take care!!

Hi Jean!
Just wanted to let you know that Harvey was an angel on the drive home. Sat on Cameron's lap for a bit then walked into his crate and stayed there for the rest of the drive. He got out at my brother's and had a poo and then peed outside at our house. So far so good. He has warmed up to Rachel, too. I'll let you know tomorrow how he does overnight.
Thanks again for such a sweet little dog!

Hi Jean,
Hope all is well. Things are very energetic at our place. Geordi is settling in wonderfully with big sister Mollie. They both love to play, and have even started to cuddle together. Geordi has had 2 groomings, and has just started to lose his baby teeth. We are hoping for the vet to give us to OK to neuter in the next few months.
Thanks once again for all of the joy that has been brought into our lives from our little pups.
Take care,
Krista, Ian, Mollie and Geordi

Good morning, Jean,
Just thought I'd send a little note that Auggy is doing well. He's actually probably one of the best dogs ever. We really love him!
I only trimmed Auggys face, paws and tummy so far. I brush him every morning while I'm having coffee so he's free of knots...so far. He has a beautiful coat! I'll send a couple pictures separately.
Saw you're new litter on your website, so adorable! Never a dull moment at your house. :-)
Gail and Rick

Hi Jean,
Hope this email finds you well!
It's been a big week for Oreo, he had his first professional grooming and was neutered all in one week; I may not be his favourite person right now. Chester was lonely without him today, as was I, he's a lively addition to our household yet everyone comments on what a calm puppy he is.
We are gearing down with our school year and looking forward to moving to the beach for the summer, have a wonderful summer.

Hi Jean,
Just wanted to say hello from Annie in Newfoundland. She is precious. A great traveller, she has been everywhere and back to NOVA SCOTIA, as well, and has adapted excellently. She's trained to go outside, and has tripled her weight - 6 pounds now. Could not have asked for a better dog, thank you. Will send pics soon.
Mary and Ron

Hi Jean,
How are you doing? Everyone is doing well. Ollie is a super puppy. Very loving and sweet. Loves chasing tennis balls. Eating well. Sits, shakes paw, comes (6/10 times). Well potty trained to the outside and at nighttime to the pee pad. Just an excellent puppy.
I do have a questions about Havanese. Oliver has periods of activity where he runs frantically about the house growling a bit, but mostly just running very, very fast. I think it's normal, but wanted to check with you. It usually happens just before he has his naps and at sunset?
Thanks Jean,

Hi Jean,
We are home and Lucie has settled in nicely. Amber had Lucie on her lap before we left the driveway. She whimpered for about 30kms then settled on her blanket between the kids. She travelled well, no problem.
We are all in love.

Hi Jean,
Happy Easter! Just a note to say Auggy is a wonderful puppy :) He's so interested in everyone and everything. He's now ringing the bell 100%, I'd say. He even rings it if he's hungry or needs attention but not too much because he's learning that he ALWAYS gets put outside. He played like crazy with our son's little dog yesterday and he's going there for his first sleepover tonight. I think he'll do just fine. He loves it there so I'm not worried. Hope you're having a lovely peaceful day :)
So he did really well at our sons house although the bell system fell apart there. But when he got back home with us he's ringing the bell 100% again!
Take care
Gail and Rick

Hi Jean,
Just wanted to give you an update....we've got our first week down and things are going really well!
Chester and Oreo act as though they've always been together, the only fur family members that are not too sure about the new addition are the cat and rabbit, but they will warm up to him. He's persistent and hard to resist.
Training is going well, he's a smart little guy and goes to the door. This past weekend we had to travel to Fredericton for one last hockey tournament and because he is so little and new I didn't want to leave him in my dad's care here at home so away we went...he traveled well, went to door of hotel room and attended all three games in the comfort of my jacket (because he is not fond of his crate or time alone, I didn't want him crying in the hotel room).
It's a work in progress, he spends the nights in his crate but only settles when he is sleepy, the rare time he has had to be crated this past week and put in it wide awake he lets us know about his displeasure! Our first vet appointment last Monday went well, she loved him. We all do, the team families this past weekend commented on what a good, quiet pup he is.
The house must feel very quiet when all the little ones leave. They are just like infants with their care requirements! I have to tell you I've already given out your name to a couple of people, I'm so happy with him and everyone who meets him loves him.
Take care,

Hi Jean,
Everything is just fine with Ruby - she is one healthy pup. She sure has "me" running. She knows she can get away with everything with me. Max is telling me that I can't control her, but one look at that cute face and I have to give in.
She loves outside but Max said we are not taking her out until she gets her needle on Monday. Then I will concentrate on training her for outside. She sleeps amazingly well during the nights. She goes to bed at the same time as us and she doesn't wake until 7 a.m. I take her down stairs first while Max gets ready for the gym, then he takes her until I get ready. She seems to know the routine.
I have to stop her from biting. She runs to bite my jeans. I say "no" but she isn't getting it yet. She seems to be saying, "that's o.k., go buy another pair". The house is full of love and loads of doggie toys. Just wanted to fill you in on Ruby's progress. Everything is good. I saw the video with just three left.
Christine & Max, plus Ruby-Do

We just wanted to let you know that Annie is settling in well to her new home. She is definitely Mary's little girl, as she follows her everywhere.
We have had her out to the cabin last weekend and she loved the country, with all its new smells. She is a great traveller and we never hear a peep out of her. We will send photos soon.
Thanks again.
Ron & Mary

Hi Jean,
Just wanted to pass along a quick note to say that we just had Geordi's vet check, as well as his 12 week booster. Please let me know if you require a copy of the receipt for proof.
Everything is going great here! Geordi has settled in nicely and mollie loves having a little brother to play with. He is now sleeping through the night in his crate, and is going outside regularly to use the washroom. All in all it has been a really fun week.
Thanks once again for everything. Jean! I can't get over how much he looks like Mollie!
Krista, Ian, Mollie and Geordi

Hi Jean,
Ollie is doing really well. He did finally eat last night at about 8:00. He had 2 accidents when he first arrived. But first thing this morning Michael took him to his pee pad area and he knew exactly what to do. Number 1 & 2.
Last night he slept from 9:00pm to 12:00 in Michael's room, in a box full of blankets on the floor. Then he went back to sleep after Mike settled him down and slept until 7:00 am. He got up on the bed (?hmmmmm) and licked Mike's face, and he brought him down for his toilet and breakfast (which he ate all up).
He's sleeping a lot this morning, but when awake he loves to have his tummy rubbed and he absolutely loves his chew toy you sent with him.
We don't have a pen yet but will get one today. The boys have been watching him every minute, even when he is sleeping.
He's been eating, but he was taking his food under the kitchen table and going back for more. We think he likes to eat in a pen, and the area under the table and chairs is most similar. We need a pen anyways, and will feed him in the pen.
We are so glad to have come up yesterday. The snow storm is still going strong. I think we already have a foot of snow. I hope you are warm and safe at home.
Thank you for raising such a wonderful puppy for us to take home.

Hi Jean,
Thanks for your email! We've spent every second with Auggy so far, of course, and the time has just flown by! Last night, Auggy slept in his kennel next to our bed. He whined for 30 minutes until he fell asleep. That was really hard but I knew he was ok. Then he whimpered around 3:30, so I took him outside, but nothing. I gave him some big hugs and put him back in his kennel. Only 5 min of whining that time and he slept until 7! So, not bad at all I think.
He ate his food last night and then another quarter cup this morning. He's been playing and barking and responding to his name already (is that possible?). And now he's having a nap next to Rick's leg on the couch.
Thanks so much Jean for such a lovely healthy happy puppy! We love him so much. I'll give him a big hug from you when he wakes up
Hugs to you
Gail and Rick

Hi Jean,
A quick update on Oscar. We had him to the vet yesterday for his booster shot. He's healthy and growing at 12 weeks. Oscar continues to be extremely playful and affectionate, with a loving personality. The vet commented several times during our visit on how great your puppies are, and what a wonderful breeder you are - particularly because you make a point of socializing your puppies which results in them having great personalities. We agree!
Hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying the beautiful weather.
The Thompsons

Hi Jean,
Hershey is doing great! He is starting to go to the door if he needs to use the bathroom. The girls are loving him to pieces. Friends and family got some new toys for Hershey. He gobbles down his food every meal and loves to play outside. Hershey can run very fast. We gave him his first bath... he didn't like that too much, but he survived! He sleeps all night and he loves lots of attention.
We love Hershey very much and are so happy he is a part of our family!
Love, Nikki, Mark, Emily and Ashley

Hi Jean,
Felt it's high time I sent you a brief report on our new little pup; in a nutshell, she's WONDERFUL !!!
The drive home was uneventful with her sitting on my lap, sleeping between a few pee breaks. Once we got here, it was like she realized that now she's finally HOME!
I'm not sure if there ever was a period of adjustment or if we're missing it, but she acts like she's always been here. She seems to really like her crate and sleeps there at night and as we leave the door open throughout the day, she goes in on her own, whenever and has a nap.
She loves being outdoors so we have a small retractable leash we attach to her harness and we let her play/ romp on the lawn . She's doing amazing with the bell training and goes over to it regularly to be let out. With our consistency and her training we've had very few accidents. She had her first bath her on Saturday and didn't seem to mind it at all; she is so soft and doesn't mind her daily brushing.
She's gone for several short car rides and does very well in the car. Of course, everyone who's met her falls in love with her...
I did purchase a small , excellent water pistol and have used it a few times; what an excellent deterrent for unruly behavior !
So, all this to say everything is going very well for Souris and our little family. I appreciate the very comprehensive reference book and read it frequently. On that note, we haven't been able to find a brush with the wooden bristles so would appreciate the link for ordering one; thank you
Thank you so much for our precious gift !

Hi, Jean,
Zoie is doing great, she has made herself very much at home, and loves both her playpen and bed. She checks on her bed many times during the day. The playpen is her storage area, if your missing a shoe it's in the playpen. She looks so innocent, I can't help but smile. Zoie had her first bath today and loved the lavender shampoo, she actually seemed to enjoy the bath. which lasted about 5 minutes.
You forgot to mention that she is super smart, I think she is going to take all the advantages of being a puppy, she knows she can get away with a lot, she is already asking to join the local soccer team, oh ya she has a ball, and knows what to do with it. Zoie knows she is adorable.
I will post some pictures tomorrow to facebook.
Hugs, Glenda

Hi, Jean,
Thank you for the information.
Our first 24 hours with Oscar have been wonderful. We are all very taken with the little guy. When we first got home yesterday, we took him into the backyard in case he had to use the bathroom. We ended up staying outside for quite a while, as he was having a great time running and playing. In particular he loved to chase after Carly running back and forth across the lawn. He is very quick!
After we came inside, Oscar sniffed around a little but seemed fairly comfortable right away. We took out his blanket and toys that you sent home with him, and he got very excited when he sniffed around them. We put them in his crate and he has been sleeping very contentedly in there. In the daytime, we have left the crate out in the open room, and Oscar routinely goes in and out for a rest when he wants one. Last night, we put the crate inside the penned area. Oscar had a good night, and there was no whimpering from him at all until about 6 this morning. The kids got up with him then and took him out to the washroom. After he had reassurance that he was not alone, he went back into his crate.
Oscar has been great for letting us know when he needs to go out, and the only "accident" was inside the penned area last night/this morning. He has played A LOT and then conks out for a good nap. He loves getting up on Bryce's lap and snuggling in while Bryce watches TV or plays a video game - since he can't really do much activity while his knee recovers. Carly is "play time" and Oscar loves running in the yard with her.
All in all he's a fantastic puppy and we are very happy we have him as part of our family.
We will keep you posted on his development. Thank you again.

Good morning, Jean,
Just had our first night home.
Wow, I am amazed at how smart our little girl is! We put her bed in our room with a pipi pad. She squealed once to go outside to pee. Then, this morning she went outside first thing. I know there will be accidents, but it's amazing to see her respond so quickly. I did like you said with the bell and she just rang it after eating her breakfast. I couldn't believe it! We are very lucky to have such a wonderful girl.
Have a wonderful day with the rest of the puppies!

Good day, Jean,
Callie is over the moon in "puppy love" as all of us are! Sadie Lu is settling in quite nicely and ate her full dinner too:) She is loving her naps & toys. She's had success with both potty jobs outside, as well!
Such a happy day and, yes, if anything arises I will not hesitate to contact you. It was also a pleasure to meet both you and your husband, as well.
A happy family of 4,
The Deagles

Good day, Jean,
Hope all is well! We just wanted to send along a few new pictures of Mollie. We celebrated her first birthday with some doggie (and human) cake. I can't believe I've had our little doll for almost a year. She has brightened and enhanced our lives so much. Thank you,

Hi Jean,
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Charlie. He is doing wonderfully. He loves playing in the snow and we have definitely had no shortage of it! He is a sweet boy and loves to cuddle. The girls just love him so much. We had a family party for him on his birthday on the 18th. Hard to believe he is a year old already. I have attached a photo of him and the girls. Hope you are doing well through this very snowy winter.

Good evening Jean,
It has been a while since we have talked, so I thought I would send along a quick note about Mollie!
Our little one has grown so much - she seems to have reached her adult weight (or so the vet thinks). Mollie is such a bright and happy puppy, and has brought so much joy into our lives! She has been enjoying running around in the snow, and seems to enjoy sitting and staring at both the TV and the Christmas tree. She also enjoys her occasional play dates with Piper! We have attached some updated pictures.
Wishing both yourself and your family a very happy holiday season!

Hi Jean,
It is unbelievable how quickly time goes by, Diego has been with me for 20 months and I feel that I was in PEI just yesterday. Adopting Diego was one of the best decisions. He has definitively changed our lives for the best! People tell me how lucky I am to have him as he is so lovable. His trainer told me how fortunate I was to have a dog with such a loving, fun-seeking, friendly disposition and adaptable little fellow, she told me people dream about having such a dog. He is a dream.
Take care,

Hi Jean,
Rebecca's CKC registration was in the mail I picked up tonight. Thank you for it.
We are enjoying Kessel more every day. He certainly keeps us busy. He quickly wrecks every toy so only has bones and recycled plastic food bottles with dog food in it to make noise and keep his interest. He continues to enjoy his in-ground fencing and loves the snow.
Hope you enjoy the pictures,

Kessel the snowman


Hi Jean,
Charlie is doing wonderfully. He was neutered 2 weeks ago and he made out really good. We are lucky to have a really good vet to care for him. He wasn't too fond of his cone he had to wear but he just wouldn't leave his stitches alone.
He had his first visit to the groomer yesterday and he looks so handsome!! I have attached a photo taken after his grooming. He is growing up to be a big boy; now at 11 pounds.
Hope you had a great summer.

Hi Jean,
Long time no talk - I hope all is well with you and your family!
I just thought I would send a few pictures along of Gracie now that she's going to be two soon! Time is flying - and we are enjoying every minute of it. As you can see my daughter Ava and Gracie are the best of friends.
I hope you have a wonderful summer!
Take care,



Hi Jean,
I just wanted to thank you again for Toby. He is THE cutest puppy ever !! And, not only cute, he's smart too ! He rings his bell to go outside. He rarely rings too late (already started peeing) - it's getting better.
He's so calm for a 4 months old puppy - people around here can't believe he's only a puppy. (I have to say the breed is not at all well known around here, and has several new admirers, for sure.) He doesn't bark except to let me know someone's arriving.
He follows us everywhere we go. He loves it in the car. It's so much fun to watch him go... We can't thank you enough !


Pat and Dominique

Hi Jean,
It has been a while since we have spoken. I just wanted to give you an update on our beloved Charlie!
He has turned out to be such a great little boy. He has grown so much and is very kind and gentle. Our grandaughter still gets him riled up when she comes to visit. However, when our two year old grandson comes to visit Charlie is so gentle with him and he doesn't bother him.
Everyone comments on how social and how well behaved he is. He is very loyal to my husband and me and no matter where we are in the house, he is always close by. We love him dearly!
I just wanted to let you know how he is doing and I am hoping we will have him for many years to come.
Bye for now!

Hi Jean,
Hope all is well with you. Champee continues to bring us lots of joy and love. She has a great demeanour and tolerates the MANY hugs and kisses from the kids. I took Isaac and Champee to the beach and she loved it. The pic of Champee makes me giggle, she looks like she's laughing.



Hello Jean,
Just thought I would update you on Piper. She is doing wonderfully; we absolutely love her. She is eating about three times a day and takes lots of little naps. Piper has also began to go the door and ring the bell when she needs to go out. If she does do her business inside she is always sure to find a pee pad. She is such a smart little girl!
My other dog Pixel loves her as well; they play until both fall asleep. Pixel will even lie down so that she can play with him more easily. She went to the vet the other day to get her booster shot and she didn't make a peep. She is up to about 4.4 lbs now and still growing so fast. Krista and I even schedule puppy play dates for Piper and Mollie, they are always so excited to see each other.
We are all so happy (Pixel included) to have another furry addition to love and spoil in our family. Thank you again for raising such a lovely puppy :)

Piper & Pixel


Hi Jean,
Kessel is still cutting teeth. I have been giving him 1/2- 1/4 and a 1/2 cup for his 3 meals and doesn't always eat that much. What a loveable pup. He is getting socialized with lots of company and really goes nuts when he can play with another dog. Enjoy the pictures that I have included. Wondering at what age pups stop growing?



Hi Jean,
Just wanted to give you another update. Charlie is settling in very good. He only wakes me up once through the night to go out for a pee and has done very little whining. He loves to sleep in his crate. He is doing very well with his potty training. He always lets me know when he needs to go out for a poo but we don't always catch the pee cues but I think it's been really good for only being 3 days. He is eating and drinking but he only eats 2 of his 1/4 cup servings. I'm hoping that will increase over the next few days. Again he is such a lovely boy and loved very much. I'm very happy with how well he is adjusting to our family.



Hi Jean,
Just wanted to send along a quick Mollie update. She has just gone to sleep for the night after a play session.
The first three nights were fantastic- not a sound from her, and she went into her crate on her own will each time. Last night she was quite upset, however we were having unusually heavy rain, so we figured that was the issue. She did settle down after about 30 minutes or so. Potty training is also going wonderfully - we have only had 4 accidents to date (one was mommy's fault because she forgot to put down a pee pad), and she routinely relieves herself on the grass. Her favourite things to do are playing in her designated grassy area, the kitchen, and playing with her squeaky kong toys. We also had a play date with little Piper on Sunday, which they both enjoyed! She is also eating well, about 2 meals a day. She doesn't seem to interested in the third meal of the day.


Krista & Matt

Hi Jean,
It is a very small world. We found out shortly after getting home that Champee's sibling will be with our neighbours sister.
Things are still going well. Champee is doing so good with going outdoors and she loves everything. She is setting in so well, sleeping great... Champee sleeps through the night and seems very happy, easy to house train. She is amazing with the kids, gentle yet playful.


We are so happy she is part of our family. Thank you!!

Hi Jean,
I just wanted to let you know Daisy's first weekend with us went great. Everyone just loves her. She is so friendly and her little tail is always wagging. She did cry a bit the first night when we had her in a large pen. So we went on Saturday and bought her a crate for sleeping and she slept through the last 3 nights without a problem. She has also taken a liking to my furry slippers and naps all curled into them in the daytime. My feet are cold, but she's happy :)
I have left the food down each day so far and she eats in the morning and then again in early evening but she doesn't seem interested in eating 3 times. Is that something to be concerned about? We need to work a bit more on potty training but she's going outside at least 1/2 of the time. Sometimes I see her sniffing and I just don't get there in time....she's a fast little one.

Hi Jean,
Mitzi has been an angel. She only whimpered a little on the drive home. She rested but didn't sleep. She had one tiny accident the minute we got into the house. She cried as it happened. Not one accident since. She whimpered a few times in the night the first night but our daughter kept her in her crate and patted her. She went right back to sleep. Last night she slept all night without a peep (in the other daughter's room) She's an angel! I sent you a picture: napping on her back after a belly rub, and hanging out in her new home.


Thanks for the info about the vet. And thanks so much for giving us such a doll.
Melanie & family

Hi Jean,
We've had a great 32-odd hours with our Ziggy. She's eating quite well so far and we're working on drinking a bit but she's doing okay. She had a couple of accidents yesterday but did very well today. She slept from 10:30 last night to 5:00 this morning. I just put her down for bed a few moments ago. I am going to stay home tomorrow with her as she adjusts to our work schedules. Thanks again for all of your help and for our beautiful girl. We'll send another update in a few days, we just wanted to let you know she's adjusting well to her new home.

Hi Jean,
Both puppies seem to be doing well; Oliver is tiny and Sophie needs more exercise! They certainly have distinct personalities. Oliver goes non-stop, preferring to leap rather than run, whereas Sophie is more laid-back. Oliver loves to lick you endlessly with "kisses"; Sophie likes to cuddle. Hope everything is going well for you and your family. I miss your beautiful dogs.
I am in love with my pups; we walk almost every day now that it isn't so cold. Their favourite thing to do though is to chase each other through the maze of paths I shovel out for them in the back yard. Oliver does many flying leaps so Sophie is seldom able to catch him. They are sweet and fill my life with joy, love and laughter. They are adored wherever they go and lavish lots of love on every visitor that drops by. All the best,
Hugs and Kisses from Sophie and Oliver

Hi Jean,
Things are going pretty well here with little Rosie. Only one pee accident this morning, and that more because I was distracted than anything else. Otherwise we have been getting her outdoors for all of her peeing and she's had 2 good poos as well, which is encouraging as she still isn't eating very much. The baggie with her supper that you sent home with us wasn't gone until almost noon on Monday; she ate another 1/4 cup during the rest of the day on Monday, 1/4 cup while she was at Mary's house for the day on Tuesday with another little bit after we brought her home, and about 1/4 cup today. She's drinking fine, and although she is sleeping a lot she is very active when she's awake so I think she's fine, but it concerns me that she isn't more interested in her food. I'll keep you posted on how she's doing with that.
I think we'll hang up the bell tomorrow and get her started ringing it instead of just doing it ourselves, as she is now more comfortable in the house and willing to actually go through the doorway on her own now. Rilla was so impressed with her this evening. With the weather being so lousy since we've come home we've been taking her into the bathroom (which is right by the back door) every time she comes into the house so we can wipe her paws and dry her off. When she came in after her potty break this evening she went right into the bathroom on her own for Rilla to dry her paws. A very smart cookie! I just had her out again now and she did the same thing again. I think she's going to be pretty easy to train as long as we are able to be consistent with her.
You were certainly right about her being a cuddler! It doesn't matter where you sit, she's right there wanting to be up with you, but she also likes her crate, and takes her toys in there at times during the day to do some chewing. I will send you some photos later this week. She's getting cuter every day.

Hi Jean,
Charlie is settling very nicely. He has been peeing and pooping outside - doing very well! He loves his bed and his toys and is sleeping well. He ate some last night but more today. I am sure his appetite will pick up more in a day or so.
Our neighbors came over last night to meet him and just loved him - as we do too!
It is so nice to have him with us - he is attached to me already! We love him!
Best Regards,

Hi Jean,
Just wanted to let you know how well Lilly is doing. She was at the vet's yesterday - she weighs 3 lbs 10 ozs, up from 2 lbs 12 ozs when we first brought her home. We love her so much; she is an adorable, happy, little puppy. We had 40 people here on Sunday and she loved everyone.
She is so good at night, eating well and drinking lots. She loves being outside, going down to the beach. I feel so lucky to have her... THANK - YOU. I could talk about her all day. Today will be the first time leaving Lilly; it is too hot to leave her in the car while we are at the hospital. She is here, wanting me to pick her up. Lilly being Chloe's last puppy is so special.

Hi Jean,
Just a little note to let you know that Dash is doing great. He is a sweetie! He is sleeping great in a crate from 10-5. We dropped off the crate at Mom and Dad´s. Dash is starting puppy socialization class tomorrow evening... I am sure we all will enjoy it! The house training is going well... a few accidents but Dash only right in front of the door so we think he is super smart.

Hi Jean,
I just wanted to keep you in the loop about Pickles - he's just fantastic! He's adjusted wonderfully to life in the big city, and he loves everyone he meets! He began Puppy Socialization classes last week, and so far his favourite puppy pal is another Havanese just like him! His potty training is going great, he LOVES going to the park, and he's been meeting new people almost every day.
People have been coming up to me in the street asking what breed he is, and where I got him. The other Havanese owner in the puppy class couldn't believe how soft and curly his hair is. I've been grooming him every second day, and I've even managed to trim his tiny nails, though not without complaint! ;) Clam has even started teasing him and lying next to us on the couch, and Pickles loves to sneak up and lick his nose when he's sleeping!
I'll keep in touch with you off and on about Pickles, and I'll try not to overload you with too many cute photos! He's growing so fast!!

Hi Jean,
I just thought I would let you know that we love Lexie to pieces. She is so sweet, so funny, and so much fun! She made herself right at home by her second day. She cried a bit the first 2 nights (only a few minutes) and since then she sleeps through the night without issue. She seems like she can't get enough of any of us, and she is generally a joy to be around! What a great addition to our family!
We had 2 beautiful sunny days and not a single drop of pee on the floor. I think our little princess doesn't like to be cold and wet - lol. Today it is cold and raining, but so far we have had no issues at all, which is great!
Again, we love her so much and everyone that meets her can't get over how adorable and fun she is. It is more than her physical appearance - her whole attitude and personality is just truly special. Even people that swear they don't like dogs or any animals at all take to her right away. I have had a number of people ask where we got her, so I wouldn't be surprised if you end up with a few more New Brunswickers for clients down the road!

Hi Jean,
Lexie fell asleep within 10 minutes of leaving your place, and she woke up just before we arrived home. She is settling in just fine, and doesn't seem to be minding her new home at all. She did a pee outside as soon as we got back and she seems like a very happy camper overall.
We all love her to death already and I know she will be a terrific addition to our family.
Thanks once again!

Hi Jean,
Suri is doing great! She has adjusted really well to our family. She loves to run in our backyard with Mackenzie and Taylor and play with her new "chewie toys". She is doing so well with going outside to poo and pee, only one pee in the house so far!
Suri isn't really keen on being left alone but we are trying to leave her for a few hours a day so she will get used to it. We had her sleeping in a playpen in our family room but found she sleeps better if she is in her little kennel in our bedroom.
She is so completely precious and we are so lucky to have her. Our family unit has become that much stronger with the addition of this wonderful puppy. I love to watch my girls come running down the street after school to see Suri.
I think Suri has really taken to Philip! She is so excited when he comes home from work! I knew the feeling was very mutual when I found them both snoozing on the couch together the other day. Suri was sound asleep on his chest.
I will stay in touch and let you know how she is doing. Thank you again for giving her the best start in life a puppy could ask for.
Tracey, Philip, MacKenzie,Taylor and Suri

Hi Jean,
I just wanted to send you a little note just to thank you as yesterday was Theodore's second Birthday. I remember I heard from you 2 years ago today telling me he has arrived. He was perfect then and still is today. He is doing wonderful. He just got his hair cut to look all handsome for his birthday yesterday, but I wanted to send you one of our favorite pictures we have of him. We love Theodore to pieces and he was one of the best things to happen to our family.
All the best,
Leona, Chris, Victoria, Alexis and Theodore!

Hi Jean,
just wanted to let you know that Mish-ka is doing just fine. On our ride home, she was sleeping in less then 10 mins. By the time we reached Shediac she was sleeping on her back. Didn't get car sick at all. She woke up as we were turning in the driveway and waited very patiently in her crate as we unloaded the truck. Then I took the crate in the back yard and let her out. She did her pee and her poo right away. She hasn't done anything in the house so far. I took her outside 3 times and each time she peed. I just put her in her pen for the night and she's not crying a bit. I think she'll be just fine. I'll give you more info tomorow. Bye for now.
Mish-ka slept all through the night. Didn't even hear her once. The hardest part is for me to stop playing with her and do my housework. LOL. After a week at home with her, I won't want to return to work. To bad we can't get maternity leave for a year. I'll keep you up to date.

Hi Jean,
Hope things are well! Everything here is great! Ellie has been doing most of her "pee-pees" outside, and has not had any "poo" accidents at all! She sleeps through the night with not so much as a peep. I've attached a few pictures of her just to show how great she has been settling into our home. We truly couldn't ask for a better puppy. She loves Jayden; as soon as she hears her voice her tail goes non-stop.
She is so quirky - she makes us laugh with her big personality in such a little body. She finally won Charlie over. He was ignoring her a little bit at first but she is stubborn! She was persistent to get his attention and now they play non-stop... they play "tag" taking turns chasing one another around the house. Charlie is even sharing his bed with her. We are so pleased with how quickly they have adjusted to each other; Ellie is definitely bringing out the "dog" in Charlie and it's great to see.
Thanks again for all your guidance and wisdom : ) and we will definitely keep in touch.

Hi Jean,
I hope you and your husband had a great holidays. We all did here that's for sure. Even our little man Theodore. He was spoiled rotten with new toys and bones and chew toys and a new bed.
I wanted to let you know I took Theodore to the vet on Friday and got him neutered. The vet also pulled some of his baby teeth. She said it's common in small dogs that they don't all fall out and end up causing infection and then they have to put him to sleep to pull his teeth so they suggested to do it all at once. He also now weighs 8.7 lbs. He's growing fast and is just a big ball of fluff! He came home the same day and he has since been doing fantastic. He wasn't himself on Friday but that was to be expected. But no problems at all; everyone was hoping he would have to wear a cone but nope, no cone for him. He's a good boy and hasn't bothered his stiches. So he goes back January 17 to have the stiches removed.
His adult coat is in: I think for first time owners we are doing well at keeping him matt-free as possible. He has a few on his back legs that have just started since he got fixed because we were nervous to brush around his back end and he has one tiny one on his nose but I can't seem to get it. But I have made an appointment to get him groomed once he's all healed up.
We also enrolled Theodore in a puppy class and I must say he was the cutest puppy in the room and got the most attention, that's for sure. He graduated from that with all 4 stars in November.
He is 100% house-trained; no more accidents in the house, not even when I am away all day at work. He is still perfect. I also have a friend who has fallen in love with Theodore and I passed your name along to them if they choose to get a Havenese puppy as well. They are just trying to decide on a breed right now.
I was on your website and had seen pictures of Ella. She's beautiful as well though Theodore looks fluffier. But they are both beautiful dogs. He LOVES the snow; all he wants to do is play in it and we can't wait for him to get his stiches out so we can go play in the snow with him (we are just starting to get snow now). You take him out for a pee and it's like you have to bribe him to come back in - he just wants to stay out and play. He's now eating about twice a day and knows all the cute things he needs to do to get a treat and he does it without even being asked most times. I can go on and on about how special Theodore is and how happy we are that we have him. He is the perfect puppy for our family.
Thanks again and keep in touch,

Hi Jean and Rett,
Just a note to wish you a Merry Christmas and a great 2011 filled with the best of everything.
Lily would like to say hi to her parents, Chloe and Desi. She would also like to thank you for the best start a puppy could ask for.
Lily continually gives much love and attention and gets it back two-fold and more.
Lily loves the outdoors and playing with her four-legged friends as well as the grandchildren and other children on the street. Lily is very attentive when the baby makes fussy noises but would rather play with the older children. She is very smart and reminds us of her mother when she moves about the house.
In November, her favourite ball (about the size of a soccer ball) rolled into the lake and quickly started to float away. Lily ran out onto the wharf and then back to Larry and barked; ran out on the wharf again but couldn't reach it and then back to me and barked. When I figured out what was going on, we just had time to grab the long handled net and scoop up the ball as it passed the end of our 85' wharf. Lily was so pleased. She stood on her two hind paws and did her "Lily's happy dance". We received many thank yous. Lily was smart enough to know that it was too cold to swim in the water.
Lily enjoys the Christmas lights; the Christmas spirit; and is anxious to open her Christmas gifts.
She will be spending her second birthday in Florida. Hopefully, it is a little warmer there in January than it is in Nova Scotia.
We are forever thankful for our bundle of love.
Toni and Larry and Lily

Merry Christmas to you and your family.
I was really happy to hear from you. I have been thinking of getting in touch with you and letting you know how everything is with Devlin. Well to start out with, he is perfect. I love him more than ever. His personality is so him. If you see by the first picture that I am sending to you, he sports a little Iroquois haircut. I was only going to have it done once but it is so him.
I could not hold back any longer and he is finally sleeping in my bed. As small as he is he takes 3/4 of the bed and I have the last quarter. The next picture is of my daughter's boyfriend teaching him to fly, does he not look impressed? Don't you just love the little elf suit on him.
Jean, he is just so darn precious and a little tyrant all rolled into one little fur ball. I have a family of carollers that sit at the front door and it has a dog that stands with them, Jean, when I go out of the house and when I come back in, he has taken this dog and puts it on the mat and then goes into the living room and sits and waits for me to come back in. I am sure that he thinks that his dog is real and he is also waiting for me to come home. My daughter just stares in disbelief when he does it. Honest, Jean, sometimes I pick him up I almost break into tears because he just stares into my eyes as if to say, "Don't ever leave me" and I could hug him forever.
Are you all set for the holidays? It sure came upon us fast. I have been ready now since last week. My daughter and I are having our Christmas open house tomorrow and we are expecting about 45 guests. Stephen comes from Grand Manan and he makes the best seafood chowder and that is what we are having. He is working on it now. It smells divine.
I must run now. I am wanted in the kitchen. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas.

Hi Jean,
Thanks for the kind words. We had such a wonderful trip and meeting you with our Ella was definitely the highlight. I'm sure Jillian will always remember where Ella came from and how special you are for bringing us Ella.
You would have been so proud of her yesterday as she travelled so well, without even a wimper. Everyone admired her beauty as well as her behavior and she was very free with her kisses. The plane didn't seem to upset her too much, really. She had some food while we were waiting and then a big poop. When we got home she went out again and did some more business and had a few pieces of food before bed which was quite late by then. She slept until after 10 this am and we took her out before she started to make any noise. She had a pee but didn't look as if she was going to do anything else so I took her in to feed her. Shortly after she was in she started to do her poo so I quickly took her back out so she could finish. She had a great breakfast but was not as interested in lunch. Since this morning she has not had a poo but has peed a few times. I am trying to watch her closely and take her out often.
She loves the back yard and had some fun play a few times today. She is having a nap now in her kennel. I had her in the kitchen freely for a few hours but she didn't seem to want to nap so I figured if she was in the kennel she would and it didn't seem to take too long before she fell asleep. I will take her out again as soon as she wakes up before supper and then after she eats. I know her schedule will be off a bit with the travel so I want to give her lots of opportunity to go outside. She does always squat a few times like she is trying even if she doesn't go. She certainly knows what she needs to do thanks to your time and efforts.
We really feel so lucky to have found you and now have Ella as part of our life. I'm sure you must miss her and find it hard to say good bye to all your pups but we are grateful that you can. We promise to take very good care of Ella and give her tons of love and attention. I will keep the pictures coming with updates as she grows.
She has her first visit to our vet on Thursday and they will give her her shots and deworming at that time. I will let you know how it goes.
Take care,
and thanks again for bringing Ella in to our lives, words cannot really express. We'll keep in touch,
Joanne, Ralph and Jillian

Hi Jean,
I wanted to let you know Theodore is PERFECT!!! He is a great dog. He was excellent in the van and when we got to the ferry we took him out to play in the grass and have a drink of water and he went to pee. We made it back to the ferry in time to catch the ferry for 4:15pm. There was no line up at the boat so that was great.
He was excellent on the ferry. He was getting lots of attention!! He was a good boy; no accidents and he sat in our arms the whole way home. He had a little to drink on the boat but not much. But when we got off the boat we went home and once we got home we took him right outside, and he looked around for about a minute and then he had a poop and a pee. No accidents all the way home.
Since we have been home he did have a bit to eat, not a lot - about a little less then a 1/3 of a cup. He was outside playing with the girls, exploring the yard and he's been in the house trying to explore but he sticks pretty close to us. Everytime he sees my oldest daughter he runs to her; he has the cutest little run. Finally around 9:00 PM, he lay under the table for a minute, looked around and got up and went to his crate and fell asleep! The first time since we had him. So after all the playing and the attention I am sure he is one tired boy and he should sleep well tonight.
The girls LOVE him! He is so cute and perfect. He has been with us for almost a whole day and he has had no accidents even with everything being new to him and all the excitement.
Thank you for everything, and Theodore is well-loved already. We are so happy to have him finally with us. I hope Chloe is doing OK since we took him away, and Ella too... Hopefully they aren't too lonely tonight. I think Theodore is too tired to be lonely..lol... I will wake him and take him for a pee before I head to bed for the night. Right now his crate is in the living room with everyone. I'm glad he likes his crate. Him going in on his own really helped my daughter realizing that he likes it and that it's not a bad thing; she was feeling like we were putting him in a jail.
Goodmorning Jean,
Theodore made it through the whole night; no accidents. I woke up at 6:30 and let him out for a pee. He slept in his crate in Victoria's room and he slept the whole night. He had such a big day yesterday.
I love to tell people how great you were in helping me with questions and how you took so many pictures and sent them to us. And made us feel a part of his life even though we hadn't met him yet. Some people thought I was crazy to pay that price for a dog. But knowing he came from a great home and great people, and that you helped me with so many questions. I wouldn't have it any other way. And of course I ended up with the perfect dog!
Theodore woke up this morning being Mr. Playful. I think he will settle in just fine. I will take some pictures and send them to you.
Thank you again...
Leona, Victoria, Alexis, Chris and Theodore!!

Jean and Rett:
What a great family reunion Ty had with his sisters, Esme, Chloe and her puppies. Desi and Ty played like they were never apart. We were so happy that Ty remembered the love he received from his 1st Canadian home. We are so thankful that you brought Ty (Edward) over as a travelling companion for Esme from Budapest.
We know that Chloe has her papers as a Therapy Dog. Ty is our Therapy Dog without papers. There is a Brain Injury House across the street from our home. There are 3 residents in the home with 24/7 care. One young boy in a wheelchair cannot speak or feed himself, but can say, "HI TY" whenever we visit. He loves Ty. I hold Ty in his lap, then lift Ty up to his hands and move Ty back and forth, so that he can pat Ty. They all love Ty and give so much attention to him, but Ty also returns that attention and love. They are all so happy when Ty visits. When we all see the smile on the boy's face, it is heartwarming.There is another young man that will sit cross-legged on the floor or sidewalk to pat Ty and give him plenty of belly rubs. Ty has a wonderful personality, the same personality we witnessed with his sisters, Chloe and Esme when we visited your home last week.
Thank you for our wonderful, smart, funny and handsome TY.
Eugene and Dale

Hi Jean,
I'm sure you remember me. My name is Dexter, Dex for short, and when I'm nice I sometimes get Dexie. I am 6 months old tomorrow and I weigh 8.1 lbs and that's with no people food and lots of exercise. I'm still planning to come visit you, and I'm sure you will see a bigger difference in me than I'll see in you.
After a few hours visit you may well realize why you sent me to another province. Anyway, I'm still the best looking kid on the block. I love to go for walks with Gramps and Grammie, I love rooting in the snow and going for car drives with old Gramps. I can be a pain in the butt, but with my good looks I can get away with a lot.
See ya soon.
Love Dex.

Hello Everett and Jean,
Ty is doing great in our home.He has the run of the house and plays with lots of energy. He is so cute and we love him so much.
Ty had two poo accidents the first day he arrived, but is great now, and has never had a pee accident. He rings that bell every time to go outdoors. Ty is playing games with us right now because he knows he goes out when he rings the bell and he spends too much time outside playing and listening to every sound -- especially the birds. He has explored every inch of our property. We finally caught on and just take him out for five minutes as suggested in your puppy book. Then his play time is at another time and for a longer period of time. Ty is very good with his leash.
He is not on the eating timetable that you had him on, Jean. I stopped giving him free food today. Ty is great with his water breaks. Plays and runs to his water dish. I did give him some carrots soaked in cold water today. He ate them up.
Ty is sleeping in our bed and woke us up this morning with kisses at 6:00 am for his bathroom trip. Good poo and pee and then back in bed until 8:00am.
Jean, he loves the Blue toy bone that you made for him. It is so funny to watch Ty going to room to room, corner to corner to hide that toy. But he always know where he left it. He is so smart.
We want to thank you both for all the information and knowledge that you have passed on to us. We refer to your puppy book often, it is the best.
We will keep you up to date with pictures of Ty and emails.
Oh! Yes! Ty likes NASCAR. He sits and watches the TV. So Cute.
Eugene and Dale

Hi Jean, - (February 2010)
Dexter had his surgery on Tuesday and it did not slow him down at all. Growing and doing well went to groomers on Monday, and he was super beautiful when he came home. They thought his coat was unbelievable. Some sharp kid (an Island expression) Papers from Vet in mail tomorrow. Will plan a visit sometime soon.

Hi Jean, - (January 2010)
Will send pictures in a few days. Dexter is growing quickly, he is gorgeous with a beautiful coat and a happy and challenging little guy. We are really enjoying him. Now at 2.5 kilos, eating properly without any people food. Training well with usual set backs. Sleeps well in his kennel in our bedroom, and spoiled to some degree. Otherwise an adorable CHALLENGE. He sure keeps the house looking like all 4 baby daughters have returned. His coloring is changing and we may end up with a somewhat strawberry/gold blonde. Went to groomers yesterday to have his feet trimmed and to really find his eyes. They thought he was beautiful. They had groomed 4 Havenese that day. His coat is absolutely fantastic.
That's it for now.

I'm sitting here watching Montana and Indy (Indiana) and I almost want to cry. It's like they love each other already! I set up our living room with a penned area that Montana can get in and out of but he's sticking with Indy like glue.
We had a great first night. Indy slept in his crate for 4 hours and then on the bed for the morning. He hasn't had a single accident yet. He's also got a ferocious appetite. He's so smart! Just like his brother.
He told me to give you a BIG thanks for helping bring him and his brother into this world and he can't wait to visit and show you how much he's going to grow!
Happy Sunday

Hi Jean,
Just wanted to let you know we had a great afternoon with Ellie. She's been giving us lots of kisses and getting lots of cuddles and play time. We've set up the x-pen with her crate in it in our family room. The pictures attached are both of her sleeping because she's been hard to catch on camera when awake. Curtis got out the video camera because she was very cute checking out her new home. She was awake and active for almost 2 1/2 hours when we got her home, so she's had several naps since.
We've been playing with her and she loves to chew on the white squeaker toy you included. I'm saving the stuffed animal for bedtime tonight to put in her crate. When we had put her in her pen alone for the first time, and stayed in the room with her, she cried a little, but then she went into her crate, sat on the blanket and pillow you included, and that seemed to soothe her. She emerged about a minute later and decided to take a little rest in her new bed. Your thoughtfulness in including those items is already helping her adjust.
She's been very good at "sniffing around" to let us know she needs to go out, and she doesn't seem to mind when I tried the harness and leash on her. She's pooed outside twice and peed about four times. She's drinking lots of water and ate her food at lunch and has been picking away at her dinner. She even got a little brushing and an eye combing and was great. We'll see how she does tonight in her crate. I'm sure they'll still be some crying for the first couple days.
I can't wait to try to make the dog biscuits from the recipe in the Puppy Book. Including that with each puppy is a great idea. It will definitely be a resource we'll keep going back to. Thanks for the call. I must have been on the phone with my family when you called. They can't wait to meet Ellie. Please feel free to give us a call tomorrow.
Talk to you soon,

Hi Jean,
Lily is settling in very well. She is a pleaser and a charmer and is doing well with her indoor and outdoor training. She is in her third pen as Lily is quite the jumper. We take her out of her pen when we are available to constantly watch her. She loves to sleep in her crate at night and during her longer nap in the late morning (when the weather is bad). She loves the outdoors and is ready for the Olympics... a great runner. She has met everyone on our street and all agree that she is adorable.
She was at the vet's yesterday for an immunization shot (not a whimper!). Lily is one of four Havanese that goes to our vet. Two from NB, one from Ontario and the most famous of all — Lily. She weighed 4.18 pounds yesterday and is doing very well.
I am currently grooming her everyday and Lily is very cooperative during these sessions. A nice belly rub will encourage her to do almost anything. A luxury that I didn't have with Harley.
She is now sleeping from 11:00 p.m. (without the bedtime whimpering) to 5:15 a.m. when she has to go outside again. She goes back to bed with some whimpering until 7:00 am. I am impressed.
The children are good to her and love her as much as we do. There is a little rivalry there but that will soon pass.
We thank you for all of the love we are receiving and for the great job that you did. The special hugs and kisses from you will be passed on.
Toni & Larry

Hi Jean,
How are you doing? I hope you all had a great Easter weekend and also had nice weather. It was so cold here you could not do anything on Saturday. On Sunday I had the family dinner and so rattled at the end of th day I went to my friends house at 9:00 PM and still had forgotten to take my apron off. Devlin decided not to entertain the family and stayed in his crate from 4:30-6:30 while we all ate dinner. They did not really believe I had a dog in the crate, until I took him out. He was so perfectly quiet, I was so proud to say he was my precious little one.
Jean, he is growing so fast. He also walked the hill with me today. He actually started the walk. He is now fast asleep on my desk. I changed his potty spot two days ago to get ready for the fence and he has done really well. A little confused but has caught on quite quickly. He is also ringing his bell at the door more and this morning he slept until 9:00 A.M., he ate all his breakfast but did not eat again today outside of a few little treats. He did not even look at his supper. I feel that when he gets only his one meal he will want it in the morning.
I am sending the newest pictures along. He discovered the toilet roll and I forgot to take his picture, because Trina and I were laughing so hard at the way he had himself wrapped in it. The one with the broom, is the day he had everything he could get a hold of and then carried it back to his bone rug. I purchased him the bone rug because I had to close all rooms off to him except the kitchen and hallway and since doing that he seems to go to the door more now to go to potty, where before he would run for the two area rugs. I took a couple of closeup pictures hoping you can see how his coloring are changing on his face and under his chest. I keep hoping he may get more around his sides and back (if not it will be OK) because I love him no matter what color. It would be neat to watch to see how it happens when changing.
I got my pictures of Dezi and Chloe and they were really good. Chloe is such a little princess. She is beautiful. I think now it was a good thing I took a dark one because Devlin loves puddles,mud puddles and the dirt in my garden. I think if he was white he would be in the sink constantly.
I want to thank you for all the wonderful caring you give to each of your puppies I know, that you go above and beyond in the love and care that you give each of them. I truly love my Devlin.

Hi Jean,
Montana is doing just amazingly!! I had to take my laptop in for service last week and still dont have it back yet but I have some adorable pictures to send you when I get it!!
We actually might have a star in the making. A friend of ours is in the entertainment business and were waiting for a phone call this week to see if our little darling is going to be in a TV show! His major growing pains are of the personal nature. He has a hard time pooping in the right place. He goes in the bathroom floor! Weve tried getting him trained for outside but we live in a two story house and just this week hes trying to get down the stairs. So until hes big enough to go up and down were going to keep with the paper and Im going to use a litter box maybe.
He absolutely loves going for walks and has few problems on a leash with a halter. We take him to an off-leash park at least once a day so he can get a good run in. He loves all the other dogs too but we have to watch that he doesnt accidentally get trampled.
I should be able to send some photos tomorrow so you can see how cute he is!
Talk soon,
Melissa & Greg

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