Since it will play a big part in a Barbet´s life, it is important to get the young puppy accustomed to the sensations and sounds of grooming from an early age. Indeed this process should have been started by the breeder before the young puppy has left its mother. Puppies actually need very little grooming but time spent early on will pay dividends later when grooming in earnest.
Firstly, make sure that you start your puppy grooming on a table with rubber matting so that the puppy feels secure; it may take two people initially as puppies have a terrible desire to jump. Start by playing with the ears, picking up each foot and getting the puppy used to having its pads and toes inspected. The puppy can then be gently brushed and combed.
Be patient but firm. If the puppy struggles, repeat until it realizes that nothing bad happens. It is vital with a puppy that you end every grooming session on a good note.


Jeremy Ludyka - Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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