Freyja, at 6 months, enjoying her first snow day.


Here is Brooke, at just 5 months, enjoying the first snowfall of the season... and her first snow ever!


Freyja, at a little under 4 months, is already hard at work practicing her Agility runs.


This is Jocker at 10 weeks in his new home in Quebec.


Febe´s pups at 4 weeks, enjoying their first taste of the great outdoors.


Eight beautiful puppies... 4 girls and 4 boys. And of course mommy Febe dutifully checking in on her babies.


Raffi, looking particularly handsome following his grooming session.


Taffy, looking good after her first grooming session.


Barbets are known for their intelligence so it is not surprising that Charlie has just graduated from Puppy Class 2. Congratulations, Charlie.


A proud Charlie on puppy graduation day.


Charlie discovers snow... and loves it.


Balou at four months.


Taffy, four months old, loves being chauffeured around town.


Raffi, now 4 months old and living in New Brunswick, claims his spot on the sofa.


Raffi owns the sofa in his New Brunswick home.


Raffi relaxes in his bed one last before heading to his forever home.


Raffi looks forward to the next exciting chapter in his young life, as he heads to his forever home with his new Mum & Dad, Linda and John.


Hunter getting a Group 4th at Dartmouth Kennel Club dog show.


Hunter gets his CFC Campionship!


Hunter as a puppy.


Jeremy with his new puppy Hunter, June 2012.


Febe´s pups at three weeks... all are doing very well.


Febe´s pups are 4 weeks old today (October 21, 2013) and celebrating with their 1st real puppy food mush.


Febe´s pups will be 5 weeks old on Monday (October 28, 2013) and are really enjoying playing with their toys and with each other.


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