Hi Jean,

Hi Jean,
Thought I'd touch base with you again to give you an update on Willow. I can't believe she's eight months old already. She has the greatest temperament and loves her walks in the snow! Such a sweet little dog and we couldn't be more happy with her. She completes our little family!
Take care,

Hi Jean,
Our little man Dewey had his operation on Dec 18th and hated the cone, so he ended up in infant sleepers for the holidays! His manners have improved but he seems a bit busier, ha!! Thank you for his papers.
He is such a dear little thing - still a puppy, with chewing and getting into things, but a great little adventurer and so loveable! He has decided he does not like his kennel, but thankfully is quite happy with his doggie bed and being baby-gated in the kitchen when we have to go out and for bed-time - often putting himself to bed before us! My in-laws from Winnipeg are competely in love with him and even looking into a Havanese of their own.
I have had many inquiries about him, are you planning any more litters?

Hi Jean!
Happy New Year! Just thought I'd send you a recent picture of Penny. She is a happy girl and a very busy puppy. She loves her walks, cuddling on the couch and running around in the backyard (especially in the snow).
Thanks again for all your kindness and allowing us to be Penny's family.

Hi Jean!
Willow is doing marvellously! We had her to the vet last Thursday for her second round of vaccinations (she didn't feel a thing!) and we also did the nexgard treatment on her and will continue to do so until the end of the fall. She's going for her next lot of vaccines next month! She's a little charmer and full of energy!! She keeps us laughing all the time!
Enjoy her photo,

Hi Jean,
We arrived home to a welcoming commitee: my mother and father, sister and family and friend with her kids...all smitten!
Dewey seems very content. He snuggled the whole way home, peed when brought him out and ate about half his dinner. He has been following Cate everywhere (when she isn't carrying him!).
He has had a great first week with us; he is just the sweetest little thing! Lots of cuddles with lots of new family, gone for a swim, found his voice and is getting into all sorts of puppy trouble.

Hi Jean,
Just want to thank you again for Maddie. She is such a great little puppy. Her second night here she slept 8 hours in her crate and never made a sound. She is getting along well with Louie and is very cuddly with everyone.
Thanks again,

Hi Jean,
Just a quick update. We are sitting out in the sun with Chloe and we just had a big run in the grass in the dog run. She is very full of life and very playful and happy. We laugh a lot! She has adjusted very well to things here. She hops around like a kitten with those high-stepping front feet.... lightning fast!
We are going to give her a bath and are wondering how to handle her ears. Do you try not to get water in them? We love her to bits and are having trouble getting anything done... we just want to play with her. :-) Mum is laughing a lot which is wonderful!

Hi Jean,
Hope all is well!
Our Mollie is approaching her 5th birthday this week. It's hard to believe she'll be 5. Both she and Geordi are doing well - we've had a very busy year.
We welcomed our daughter Parker into the world in July and Mollie and Geordi absolutely love her! It took a little while for them to accept the fact that she wasn't leaving, but they have since welcomed her into their little pack. Geordi never leaves her side and loves to try to make her laugh when she's upset. He also loves to steal her pacifiers and toys, while Mollie watches from afar and tries to steal the toys from him.

Hi Jean,
Just thought we would send a pic of Mookie with his "Gotcha Day" celebration hat on. He has been with us a full year on Feb. 23 and we can't believe the time has flown by so quickly. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and he steals the hearts of all who meet him.
We hope all is well with your family and that Momma Breeze is doing well.
Take care,
Wendy and Ian

Hi Jean,
I am sending you a pic of Lilly. The cat with her is her very best friend, they play together all the time. I could go on forever about Lilly, but I won't bore you, lol! She is such a sweet little girl. Her color has changed a bit; a little silver in her tail. So pretty.


Take care, Jean,

Hi Jean,
Happy New Year and hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays. Thought we would say a quick hello and let you know Minnie is doing great.
We moved into a new house in August, and she quickly picked her favourite spot on the new couch (and steals any cozy blankets that come into the house). She's going to puppy daycare usually once or twice a week, so getting lots of good playtime and socialization in. People are always shocked at how she can get their dogs to play, even if they don't usually like other dogs - always making new friends! She also loves going to Point Pleasant Park here for walks in the morning and LOVES running around in the snow. She's very "play hard - sleep hard"... lots of energy and then crashes!
It was so fun seeing her first Christmas - she got quite excited for her stocking (and she had Christmas PJs and a sweater). Hope all is well, and Minnie is bringing us lots of joy over here.
Kathleen, Peter and Minnie

Hello Jean and Rett,
Hope this Christmas message finds you both well and happy and all the best for 2019. We keep watch on your site to see all the beautiful puppies.
Sending you some pictures of our boy, Ty. You may want to put one in the gallery.
Ty had just finished running the "circles", then ran for his sofa messing up his blankets. Then comes the innocent look. So cute. Ty turned 9 years old last August. As you see from the pictures, he still remains peppy.
Merry Christmas to you and all the family,
Eugene, Dale and TY

Hello Jean,
I hope you are well.
Alyx is doing great and we are celebrating her first birthday today! She is such a joy for our family, and has fit in well... although I think sometimes she thinks she's the boss :-).

Hi Jean,
Just thought I would send along a few pics of Mookie who has turned one already! Hard to believe how quickly time passes. He is a great puppy, loves to play, especially with tug toys and absolutely loves running and playing in the yard. He had grown to a full 16 pounds so he is quite the bruiser, although long and slim as well.
We hope all is well with you and your family, both two-legged and four-legged, as we approach this holiday season!
Wendy and Ian

Hi Jean,
Bear (aka Goober) is doing well. He renamed himself within one day. He looked so much like a bear that it was a no-brainer. After his first haircut today, well that's a different story. The bear look is gone and his legs seem to have grown a few inches in two hours. He's now 8.6 lbs.
He's smart. Comes (none of our other dogs ever did that without great difficulty), sits, stays, and understands many other words. He does well on the leash and loves to be in the truck with Paul. He's been to the beach and in the water but hasn't figured out how to swim yet. He bonded with me much to Paul's disappointment at first. But they've worked that out. If I'm not immediately available Paul will do.
Before we arrived at your place we set up a pen in the living room exactly like the one you have. He went in it as soon as we arrived home and took to it like a duck to water. At bed time we put him in the big crate. He didn't seem to like being in it, so I then tried your method of introducing it to him. I even tried treats in it. It appears the solid top bothers him. So he's happy to hang out, sleep etc. in the pen. He's never uttered one whimper during the night. I've fashioned a pen in my car with my convertible wind shield because I couldn't buy a tiny crate without a solid top. None of our other dogs ever used a crate except to sleep in and I'm not going to be flying with him so we're adapting. The pen folds up nicely so we can transport his "house" to anyone's house when or if someone keeps him overnight.
Housetraining is coming along nicely. Paul didn't buy into the bell so that created major challenges. We have five doors we use all the time so that has been a stumbling block.
He loves to explore the pastures and has no fear of the horses. He wants to play with them and tries to get them to chase him when I take him for his walks. That drives me but he knows when I yell "Big dogs. Come." he comes like greased lightening. He's got a lot more freedom (under supervision) than I would imagine most of your pups will ever have. However the downside is watching for eagles, hawks, raccoons, and skunks. The barn cats have realized he doesn't hate them like Casey did but he can't resist - when they run, he chases.
We love our fur baby who is now squeaking his favourite toy (a ball) for me to come throw it. Thanks so much for him and he sends a big Bear hug to you folks.

Hi Jean,
Sorry to be so tardy with an update on Pepper! She celebrated her first birthday in style at a rental cottage in New Glasgow, just south of Cavendish. Lots of space to run around without leash, 3 little girls (our granddaughters ages 3, 4, 5) to play with, and a buddy, our grandpuppy (actually 8 years old) Australian cattle dog to romp with. She went to the beach, had picnics, chased hares, and generally just had a ball.
She is a delightful and mischievous little gal with a penchant for toilet paper and slippers. She just loves our resident granddaughter Eva, who you met. We adore her.
You will notice that I've clipped her short on the body, longer on the legs-what my dad used to call the 'town and country cut', but left her head/beard/tail in the original length. Her coat is so curly, that this makes managing the matting easier but she still looks Havanese-y. She wears a clip in her topknot so that the hair stays out of her eyes. She's a bit dishevelled in the photos-but having a great time!!
Kind regards,

Hi Jean,
I thought I would provide another update. Chico had his first birthday on July 26th. He is a wonderful little guy and we love him so much. He seems to be happy and healthy. He loves to go outside as long as it isn't raining. He loves to go in the water though and he is so much fun. We love every day with him!
Best regards,

Hi Jean,
This is Denis from Cap-Pele, NB. Wow last time we communicated was last September after picking up our beautiful little boy. Rocky is doing excellent. What an amazing little puppy, so smart and a joy to have in our home. He just celebrated his first birthday on July 20th. Please see attached a few pictures of our little prince! Also I have attached a copy of the receipt from the vet for Rocky's little operation just for your records.
Take care!

Hi Jean,
Well, Lilly, now living in the US, has been one busy little girl. She has learned 2 tricks so far. She can speak when asked and she can jump on command. Lilly also will come to me when I say "Lilly come!" No matter what she is doing. Lilly has been to camp, riding on kayak and canoe. Neighbors were lighting off fireworks, and it did not bother her one bit. Everyone that she has met so far just loves her. My neighbor comes to visit her just to get those little kisses she loves to give. LOL.
Luke takes her to the hardware store, when he walks in with Lilly it's like Norm from the show Cheers. They all shout Lilly!!!
Her new brother Rudy is still keeping his distance from her, but he will get there; it's just going to take time. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a little update on how she is doing. Hope all is well with you. Thank you again, for this perfect little girl. Give mama Baleigh a kiss and thank her too.


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